FUNDAMENTAL #24:  Maintain a healthy work-life balance. 

Stay happier, healthier and more productive by balancing your time between work, community activities, family life, emotional/spiritual development and physical fitness. 


There's more to a happy, healthy life than work.  At John Buchan Homes we want and encourage you to be there at your kid's events, that you travel, that you be there when a loved one is sick, that you take time to rest, relax and refresh your mind, body, and spirit with what brings you joy and strength. 

Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance.  It's the Buchan Way! 

ABOUT The Buchan Way: 

From the very beginning, we wanted John Buchan Homes to be different from other companies.  Different in how we treat out clients, different in how we work with each other, and different in the results we achieve. These differences are best captured in 26 fundamentals that are the foundation for our unique culture.  We call it THE BUCHAN WAY.